3 Anticipated New Releases in April 2019

Oh hi! Fancy seeing you here.

Remember when I said I was going to post this next week? Well I lied.

Remember when I said I’d have more time to read and be more active here? Well that also has changed.

Life meet roller coaster. It’s been a bumpy whirlwind past few months.

But now for the task at hand, April releases! Honestly, April wasn’t the busiest month for releases I had my eye on. These are the three that really stood out to me and I couldn’t wait to get my bookworm-y hands on.

Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan (April 30th 2019)

I don’t know much about this book other than one of my all time favorite authors, Becky Albertalli, highly, and I mean highly, recommends it and that’s all I need to know about it for it to make my most anticipated list. 64579410_454706618597000_4931757486815313920_n.jpgFrom what I can tell it’s the story of a girl, Lou, and she has a job as a hot dog at a carnival and the book will discuss her summer of work and her crushes and the fate of the Playland. My guess is this will be crazy adorable and funny. Perfect as a spring/summer read, the mood reader in me cannot wait for the weather to warm up and settle in with this gem. Thank you, Becky Albertalli for putting this book on my radar and keep up the beautiful recommendations, I will devour them all.


Love & Other Curses by Michael Thomas Ford (April 9th 2019)

Any book that deals with curses or magic or anything like that are automatically on my radar. And curses that deal with love and that result in people dying? 64225309_356425395062212_3790546176181272576_n.jpgJust fascinating. Reminds me of Practical Magic, my most watched movie of all time. Actually, once this is posted I’m going off to watch it again. Additionally, this book deals with a teen experimenting with drag and this has to be one of my favorite elements ever, and we don’t see it nearly enough. I would like to see more novels revolving around the world of drag. I don’t even need to sell this book more, I’m already on board.


You Must Not Miss by Katrina Leno (April 23rd 2019)

Magpie’s life sucks. It really sucks. To deal with the suckery that is her life, she writes in her notebook about this alternate life in a place called Near. Everything is better in Near, all of the issues she has are non-existent. 64516664_362526771133403_1952596762459897856_n.jpgSuddenly, Near becomes real, Magpie can escape to Near and live in harmony. And then obviously shit goes down because that’s how stories work. The premise truly intrigues me, because I was that kid that was off to imaginary lands. I never had my feet planted on earth but instead would spend my time day dreaming about alternate realities for myself. Thankfully my story is not as dark as Magpie’s but when I heard about this story I knew I had to read it.


There you have it Bookworms! These are my April books, just two months later.

Stay tune for the May book coming up soon!

Now go curl up with a book and relax.


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