3 Anticipated New Releases in February 2019

Oh hi! Fancy seeing you here.

Guess who is late publishing her post yet again? That’s right, this gal!

It’s been a big couple of weeks, bunch of stuff happened, a lot of thinking and pondering going on and so some things got pushed back, but are we going to let that pull us down? No, we are not!

And now, without further ado, here are my three anticipated new releases from February!

We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia (February 26th)

In a society that is built around an ancient myth, distinguished girls are sent to an elite school to learn to fulfill their roles and become wives for the men (each man has two wives, mirroring the myth).  This story is filled with deception, rebellion, espionage and strong female leads.

Firstly, this must be one of my favorite cover designs. The silhouette and the ombré of colors is just so pleasing to the eyes, I can’t stop staring. It’s part of why I’m so late in posting this. I got distracted by the beautiful colors. 54268351_2142476056064731_3270280522575642624_n.jpg

Secondly, this books seems to have just about everything I love in a story. Espionage? Yes Please! Strong Female characters? I’m in! LatinX and LGBTQIA+ representation? Sign me the hell up, I’m sold!

The myth in the beginning of the story was so enchanting, it made me not want to put the book down.

Only little warning I’ll add is that the part about the Medio School for Girls is a very, very short part of the book, essentially the story starts when the main character Dani is about to graduate, so if you’re going into this book expecting a long stint at the school, that’s not what this book is.

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas (February 5th)

Bri dreams of becoming a big-time rapper and will work hard to make that dream a reality. After she goes viral, for all the wrong reasons, she’s got to build her way back up.

Angie Thomas is one of the best, most talented voices we have today in literature. Her voice is so incredibly powerful and important. She just sucks you into the story from page one and delivers important messages throughout.

Her debut novel, The Hate U Give, has been on the New York Best Seller’s list pretty much since it’s release, and guess what? It’s still up there! Currently, at the time I am writing this, it’s #2 on the list and guess which book is #3? One the Come Up! That’s right both her books, are way high up there! (To be honest, I just saw which book is #1 and I’m not that happy about it, but that’s a tale for another time).53685648_301619253816912_3664551708530311168_n.jpg

Basically, Angie Thomas is queen of literature and whatever she releases, I’m going to pre-order it. I treated myself to the Chapters Indigo Book Box and got a nice Book Sleeve related to the book, and the book came with a letter written by Angie and the book itself is signed. I could go on for ages about my love and admiration of Angie Thomas, but I will save all of us the embarrassment and move on to my next anticipated release.

The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried by Shaun David Hutchinson (February 19th)

Dino’s parent works at a funeral home and Dino often helps them out with the family business. One day, Dino’s best friend passes away and then… comes back to life.

I read my first Shaun David Hutchinson this summer. I got “The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza” and I really loved it. I thought he had a great style of writing. The characters had depth, and he had a way of asking very existential questions while moving the story along.54278825_402666710552572_4458538045976608768_n.jpg

When I saw his next book, I was immediately intrigued. The story seems like my jam, I love stories set in reality with a little speculative twist (shout out to BooksandLala for this phrase). And also… this is my second favorite book cover ever. I’m just in love these colors together, and the vibe. I’m also a sucker for anything with skulls so this cover is just perfection.

There you have it my lovely little bookworms!

I have a bunch of new post ideas planned so stay tuned. What are your most anticipated releases for February? Which book did you enjoy most last month? Let me know in the comments!

Go curl up with a book and relax!


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