3 Anticipated New Releases in January 2019

Oh hi! Fancy seeing you here!

I wanted to do this post last week but here we are. Late to the party is my way of life.

This past year brought us an abundance of new releases that were pretty phenomenal. Most of us bookworms and book addicts saw a significant increase in our TBR piles because there were simply so many good books to get our hands on. I wanted to share every month three of the books I’m excited for and anticipating. I’ll be sharing my version of the synopsis, it might be very inaccurate or roughly in the ball park. In certain cases, especially with thrillers, I don’t really read the synopsis as to not spoil the story before diving in. Just be warned, my version of what the book might be will be so off, and you get to enjoy how wrong I am as you read along. Here we go for three January 2019 releases that I cannot wait to read (and yet might take me a few months to get to, cause life).


Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills (January 15th)

The reason this book is on my list is super simple. Emma Mills is one of my favorite contemporary YA authors. Voila, that’s it. I read her novel Foolish Hearts last year (thanks Owl Crate for selecting it for your December 2017 box) and just fell in love her style. Her brand of humour and her voice matches mine, especially when the age of the characters and reading Foolish Hearts was like reading a book narrated by my high school self. So Emma Mills has charmed her way into my insta-buy author list. The moment I found out she had a new novel coming out, that book made its way into my cart with the speed of Road Runner.DSC_8962.jpg

Famous in a Small Town is the story of Sophie and Megan. Sophie is part of the marching band and a big-time opportunity comes their way. She wants to make sure they deliver the best performance and to make that happen she wants Megan, a country singer from this small town, to come back and headline for them. However, Megan has made a vow to never return to the limelight. What will happen? Will Sophie convince Megan to make a come back?

I’m expecting to be as enchanted by this novel as I was with Foolish Hearts. Hopefully I will be able to get to her previous works as well this year. I have a feeling all of them will be big hits for me.

Also, a serious big shout out to the cover designer of all her novels, because boy-jolly they are each incredibly beautiful, very detailed and colorful and artwork-y.


The Field Guide to the North American Teenager By Ben Philippe (January 8th)

The Field Guide to the North American Teenager is Ben Philippe’s debut novel. How did it end up being on my most anticipated for the month? Easy, peasy! I, too, was a North American Teenager once! I probably could have used a field guide back then cause I’m not too sure I did it right. Also the author was raised in Montreal, Canada. That’s where I live now! Crazy, eh? I always love a chance of supporting folks from around here.DSC_8971.jpg

The Field Guide to the North American Teenager is about this Black French-Canadian teen who moves to Texas and his experience in high school there. I expect a lot of misunderstandings, awkwardness, and hilarious touching moments in this novel.

One thing I know is the school system in Canada and the US is different, and the school system in the province of Quebec is even more messed up. In the province of Quebec, when we reach high school, we don’t use grades to demark which level we are at. Instead it’s what we call “secondary”. High School lasts for five years, (Secondary One, Secondary Two, Secondary Three, you get the gist). So whenever someone tells me “Oh I was in grade 9 when blah blah blah happened to me” I have to do quick mental math to figure out what age we’re talking about in the history of said person, and I’m very awful at mental math. I normally zone out for a while in the conversation to make these calculations, often missing the essence of the story. It’s a hassle, and I have our unique school system to thank for this.

I’m very excited to see if the author will explore these differences, or brush by them. This book just seems to have everything I enjoy in a YA novel, and I have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot about it.


No Exit by Taylor Adams (January 15th)

This will be the boring section because this next anticipated read is a thriller and as mentioned above, I don’t really read synopses of thrillers.  Why? Cause I don’t have to. Ok the real reason is often the synopsis will give away too many elements of the book and I like going in with a blank slate. It gives me a better chance of being surprised and that’s what I look forward in a thriller is to be surprised, to not expect what’s coming. You might wonder (or you might not care) how I choose my thrillers then, or how can a book that I know nothing about end up in a most anticipated list. Well, I don’t have much of an answer for you. I normally might base my decision on the author, or simply if I’ve heard of a book enough, or see it on social a bunch. I’ll very shallowly investigate. Now, this is where you get to laugh at my poor attempt to guess what this book is about.

Judging by the cover, this book takes place in the winter. And there is a road. So I’m thinking kidnapping and road tripping.DSC_8970.jpg

That’s it, that’s the whole book!

Honestly, I could not do a worse job of selling this book even if I tried, however I have heard great things about it. It’s the peak of winter where I live so I really want to get to it this month and just bask in the ambiance and the experience of the book while the weather outside really lends to the setting of the book.


There you have it folks, three books that came out in January that I’m looking forward to reading. Have you heard of them? Have you read any of them? Will you be reading any of them? Hit me up, let me know!

Go curl up with a book and relax!




  1. Shazia · February 5, 2019

    Girl, I love how you explained the Quebec schooling system. It gives me headaches too haha. I need to check out these books asap. Thanks for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chloe Chiasson · February 5, 2019

      The deer-in-headlight vibe when other people talk about their grade 8 experience is real! Like Secondary for life!


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